LEBENSSUCHT official website
LEBENSSUCHT official website

After months of hard work, we are proud to reveal our artistic tribute to S Caedes' dear friend Jenny, whose life was tragically taken in a train accident. It has taken us some time to contextulise said emotions around this event and create a visual representation of them. We put our whole heart into the creation of this video and feel it conveys the appropriate emotions of loss and grief.

Jenny, you will never be forgotten.


No Clean Singing says:

"Shot entirely in stark black and white, which gives the whole thing a hauntingly dreamlike, at times bordering on nightmarish, aesthetic, the primary focus of the video is a series of abstract, ghostly, images of frontwoman S. Caedes wandering, dead-eyed and bloodstained, along an empty railroad track, intercutting, as the song progresses, with a number of intimate, home-movie style shots of another young woman, laughing, smiling, and full of life in a way which seems strangely at odds with the desolate, depressive vibe of the music and accompanying footage."

Full article here: www.nocleansinging.com - A Hole In My Heart - Review


First Festival Announcement for 2021! We're proud to part at the BOARSTREAM OPEN AIR!

July 2020   BAND UPDATE! We are proud to unveil Bašmu! As you know, Deha left the band in September 2019, now our lineup is finally complete again. Bašmu will join us on bass and also do backing vocals.

April 2020   -273,15°C - DEBUT ALBUM OUT NOW!

You can order here:

Band directly: https://lebenssucht.bandcamp.com/ or via mail: lebenssucht.band(at)gmail.com
Thanatoskult: https://thanatoskult.bandcamp.com/
March 2020   We're extremely proud to share the first song of our debut album -273,15°C with you!

February 2020  


We have been working on our first album for a long time now. In Thanatoskult we've found a label which shares our vision of the band and now we are thrilled to announce, that our first full-length Album -273,15°C is going to be released on 7. April 2020!